Venezuela continues its descent into Socialist Hell. Venezuelans are making their way to Brazil for food and medicine. Hospitals on Brazil’s border are struggling to care for the Venezuelans who desperately need help.

Venezuela’s hospitals no longer have needles, bandages and medicine.

“Demand is growing faster than I can manage. Every month the number of patients grows exponentially. How can I plan for that?” said Marcilene Moura, the 45-year-old director of the general hospital in the Brazilian border state of Roraima. “What happens if this continues? I’m going to run out of supplies by the middle of the year.”

The morgue on the border is also strained. Children are dying from malnourishment and the sick can’t get medicine in Venezuela.

Brazil might put up a hospital on the border for Venezuelans but they are worried about how much worse it will get as Venezuela sinks further into chaos.

“Soon we will be dealing with a refugee camp,” said Ivan Soriano Andrade, Roraima’s adjunct health secretary. “We have a ticking time bomb in our hands.”

Colombian border towns are struggling too as throngs of Venezuelans flee the country.

In Socialist Hell the Military Traffics Food While People Starve

The Venezuela military is trafficking food while the people go hungry. Generals are in charge of everything and all of the food. But instead of fighting hunger, the military is making money from it, an Associated Press investigation shows.

With much of the oil country on the verge of starvation and malnourished children dying in pediatric wards, food trafficking has become big business in Venezuela. The Bolivarian Socialists are behind the corruption.

The U.S. government has noticed. Prosecutors have opened investigations against senior Venezuelan officials for laundering riches from food contracts through the U.S. financial system, according to several people with direct knowledge of the probes. No charges have been brought.

“Lately, food is a better business than drugs,” said retired Gen. Cliver Alcala, who helped oversee border security.

The late President Hugo Chavez created a Food Ministry in the Socialist Hell of 2004. His socialist government nationalized and then neglected farms and factories, and domestic production dried up. When the price of oil collapsed in 2014, the government no longer could afford to import all the country needed.

Hungry Venezuelans began rioting, and so Maduro handed the generals complete power over food. The government now imports nearly all the country’s food, and corruption drives prices sky-high, said Werner Gutierrez, agronomy professor at the University of Zulia, the AP reported.

All They Have to Do Is Get Rid of Socialism

“If Venezuela paid market prices, we’d be able to double our imports,” Gutierrez said. “Instead, people are starving.”

If the government lifted the price controls, it might start to straighten itself out.

The great rallying cry of Bolivarian socialism was that it was different from the more standard military oppression.

A wave of violence has unsurprisingly struck the country hard. More than 28,500 people have been killed this past year.

There are no jobs and little food, forcing many to turn to crime.

Isn’t socialism grand?